$170 Millions Powerball Jackpot Check Your Lucky Number

The Powerball jackpot for September 7, 2022 was $170 million, and here are the winning numbers for Wednesday night’s drawing.
The numbers drawn on Wednesday night for white balls were 03, 16, 30, 33 and 36, while the red powerball was 20 and the power play was 3x.

Like always, this time too Powerball Jackpot changed the lives of many people, their dreams came true and they became millionaires from poor, let’s know about them.

The numbers drawn for Monday night’s game for the white balls were 04, 07, 32, 55 and 64, while the yellow mega ball was 25 and the megaplier 2x. There was no grand prize winner on Wednesday, so the jackpot for Wednesday 09/07/22 increased to $170 million

Monday’s drawing saw one lucky jackpot winner – the jackpot winning ticket was purchased in Louisiana and won a second prize of $1 million after correctly matching the first five white balls, minus the red Powerball. A total of eight people correctly guessed the four white balls and the Powerball, for which each won $50,000. A total of 130 people correctly guessed the four white balls but not the Powerball, winning $100 each. A total of 303 people guessed the three white balls and the Powerball correctly, winning $100 each. A total of 8,568 people correctly guessed the three white balls, but not the Powerball, for which each won $7.

Let’s know who’s fortune has opened in 2022 Powerball jackpots Let’s know where have been won Powerball jackpots in 2022

08/03/2022 – $202 million (Pennsylvania)
06/29/2022 – $20 million (Vermont)
04/27/2022 – $454 million (Arizona)
02/14/2022 – $183 million (Connecticut)
01/05/2022 – $630 million (California and Wisconsin)

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